Skin Envi Eye Magic


Skin Envi Eye Magic incorporates the latest advanced technology designed specifically for the eyes and lips. Perfect for treatment of eye bags, puffiness, wrinkles, and sagging drooping eyelids.

Featuring –

  • Thermal energy photon synchronization
  • Sonic Massage
  • Ion assisted absorption
  • Blue & Red light

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Eye Magic

Skin Envi Eyemagic has advanced technology combining two smart modes: Thermal Energy for increased collagen production and Ion Import for ultimate product absorption. 

It also features phototherapy and sonic massage. 

Red and blue LED for rejuvenation, soothing, calming and shrinking pores.

Sonic Massage the gently oscillates as 12,000 per minute making this optimal for lymphatic drainage and de-puffing.

Eye Magic


Thermal Energy

The constant temperature. is specially designed for the delicate skin around the eye area, it allows the skin to relax and stimulate cell vitality resulting in visibly reduced lines, puffiness, and bags. 


Red and Blue light

Sonic massage help stimulate the blood flow and aids in lymphatic drainage. Sonic massage helps increase the production of collagen resulting in improved appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Absorption of eye serum and creams is greatly increased.


ion import

Ion-Import promotes increased penetration of your favourite anti-aging eye products. 


red and blue ligh

Alternate between red and blue LED  lights with a slight shake of the device.

Red enhances skin cell vitality and is perfect for anit-aging.

Blue – calming and soothing nutrient uptake.

Eye Magic

Compact and versatile, ideal for use at home or travel. 

Easy to operate and switch between modes. 

With a touch of your finger you have total control over the sonic massage.

A quick shake of the device will have you switching between red and blue lights.

The sonic massage has different pulse vibrations for both the red and blue light functions. 

You have total control by simply touching the silver band. If you chose not to activate the sonic massage simply do not touch the silver band. 

The device is activated when in contact with your skin.



Always make sure to start your treatment on  freshly cleansed skin. Using either eye serum or eye cream gently apply to the area and massage in.

Eye magic

Hold the device flat onto the skin and gently glide outwards. You can either use with or without sonic massage. Make sure you have applied enough serum or cream to the area as you do not want to pull the skin.

Eye magic

Press and hold for a more targeted treatment. Press, hold, and lift on the upper eyebrows.

Repeat step two in the opposite direction for optimum coverage.

This device is designed specifically to go close to the eyes.